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farting-lesbian-goddess-part-2-ginary.mp4 [1.70GB] - The goddess Discord’s (Helena Price) plot to take down Aphrodite (Sydney Screams) with a curse to make her fat backfired terribly. The love goddess had only grown in power as she grew in size and Discord found herself a slave to Aphrodite’s flagellant ass. Discord tried to beat Aphrodite at her own game but her farts were no match for the love goddess ass worship. Finally Discord gives in to her lust and begins passionately kissing and worshiping Aphrodite. The goddess hands and mouths explore each others bodies sensually. Discord pulls away in anger frustrated by Aphrodite’s hold over her. Aphrodite suggest a new challenge. The goddess will try to seduce one another with farting lap dances. She allows Discord to go first and Discord puts her all into her sexy farting strip tease. Aphrodite thoroughly enjoys having Discords farting ass grinding all over her and begins to kiss and smack it. Discord thinks she has Aphrodite right where she wants her until Aphrodite commands her to cum. Discord begins to orgasm uncontrollably. Despite having bested Discord Aphrodite gives her a dance as promised and Discord finds it impossible to keep her hands off the love goddess full figure. Clearly the winner Aphrodite leads her enchanted goddess to her bed. …coming soon part 3. The goddess make love. (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Sydney or Helena? Email us today.) *all farting is simulated

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