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spanking-little-miss-sassy-pants-lizzyjames.mp4 [452.29MB] - While Elizabeth is on vacation, she decides that it means to take a vacation from everything- including her rules and having to wear diapers. Her Mommy Adriana is tired of dealing with her bratty behavior and decides enough is enough. She pulls Elizabeth over her lap and gives her a firm, bare bottom spanking with a wooden hairbrush. During the spanking, Mommy tells Elizabeth that for the rest of the vacation, she has no more big girl privileges: she'll be sitting in the high chair for all of her meals, all of her will now be in bottles and sippy cups, she'll be taking two naps during the day, and will have to wear a backpack leash whenever they go outside. But most of all, she's losing her panty privileges - and going back in double diapers. Elizabeth cries out of embarrassment during the spanking, but Mommy doesn't waiver. After her bare bottom is redder than her hair, Elizabeth turns back into the docile little baby girl while sucking her thumb as Mommy tapes on two thick, crinkly, Carousel diapers. Mommy then makes Elizabeth crawl around the bed to examine her poofy bottom, then makes her try to close her legs, which she can't. Finally, Mommy makes Elizabeth waddle down to dinner so she can show off her cute baby girl, and feed her like the little baby she is. This will teach Elizabeth not to be Miss Sassypants to her Mommy!

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