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weight-gain-update-body-tour-goddessfreyabbw.mp4 [740.51MB] - It's been a while since I've really reflected on my gain, six months to be exact! In that time a whole lot changed, but I'm still the same gluttonous fatty. I've still got a tremendous appetite and the laziest of habits. I spend this clip reflecting on my recent gaining journey and setting up a gaining plan for the next few months. I need to get my gain back on track, and I need your help! It's time to return to my hedonistic ways, as I move to the next stage of fatness. After all, I'm moving further away from the BBW category and into the SSBBW category. After a steamy chat, I give you a VIP up-close tour of my new curves. From stretch marks to cellulite, to FUPA's, you see everything in it's fat and glorious capacity. I love showing off and that's why I decided this tiny white swimsuit is perfect to showcase all my new blubbery fat. **** Clip Features: Gaining Goals, Fat Chat, Body Tour, Bikini, Tight Clothes, Up close.

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