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arielle-lane-s-stuck-shoe-part-2-torvea.mp4 [1.71GB] - Arielle Lane’s Stuck Shoe Part 2 Starring Arielle Lane In Part 1 Arielle had chased the man into the warehouse but lost him. When she went into the storeroom she got stuck in a glue trap. We open to see her still struggling to get her new white sneakers free. Pulling and tugging on them but nothing seems to be working. All of a sudden she notices that the man is watching. She yells at him to set her free but he doesn’t say anything. He just walks up to her and puts handcuffs on her. Now she is handcuffed and stuck to the floor. She is truly helpless. He now has a perfect chance to get down and take a good look at her sneakers. He starts rubbing and licking them as she begs for him to let her go. Arielle continues to beg him to let her go but he is not listening to her. In fact it is getting him more and more excited. Until he finally takes out his cock and starts to jack off. He cums all over her shoes. Now that he is finished he un cuffs her and leaves. Filmed mostly POV and lots of close-ups of the shoes. Now alone she is left to struggle and squirm trying to get her shoes free. With no choices left, she must take off her shoes and leave them stuck to the floor. She walks away barefoot and shoeless. Filmed mainly POV

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