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practising-with-naive-little-sister-darlingjosefin.mp4 [1.57GB] - I'm your little sister. I come into your room at night because I saw you spying on me in the shower. What were you doing? You tell me that you were making sure I was showering right. I'm so naive that I say ... that makes sense! I guess it's like Daddy when he helps me "practise". He wants to make sure that I do that kind of stuff right, too. What am I talking about? Well, I'm not really sure how to explain it ... so I'll just show you. I get down on my knees and take your cock out of your jeans. Daddy told me to call it a cock! I start sucking on it just like I do with Daddy. Daddy really likes it when I do this - do you like it too, big brother? Daddy also likes to play with my boobs. Do you want to play with them, too? I stand up and take off my shirt so that you can squeeze and jiggle your step-sister's tits. I take off my panties so that you can squeeze and smack my ass, too. Do you want to see my pussy, big brother? Daddy loves when I show him my pussy. I lay on the bed and spread my legs to give you a good view. Do you want to know what else me and Daddy do together, step-brother? I'll show you Daddy's favourite thing. I tell you to lay down and I get in position to start riding your cock. Don't worry, big brother, we don't need a condom! Daddy says that you can't get pregnant if you're related. That's why I can practise with him whenever he wants - and uncle, and Daddy's boss sometimes too because Daddy says that it's LIKE he's related. And none of this counts as real sex - it's just practise! That's why I'm still a virgin. I'm Daddy's little slutty virgin. Daddy just wants me to practise lots so that when I do this for real with my boyfriend, I'll be really good at it. We can practise together too, now, big brother! We finish up our practise with you cumming in my mouth. I eagerly swallow it all down. Wow, I hope real sex feels as good as practise!

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