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bad-college-girl-smelly-boot-sockjob-honey-booboo.mp4 [905.96MB] - Bad Collage girl Nicki gets in teachers office after a long day. She takes a seat on the teachersroom couch and gets some testpaper from her teacher (pov). She wears the laces of the Polar boots quite loose. She crosses her legs and dangle her feet. her teacher likes her boots. Nicki plays with a pen, looking at the cam. She tells him, she wear her boots and socks already for some days since she has noticed he likes them. He gets horny. she tells him how wet her feet are, after all hours in school. she dropы the pen and steps on it. Camera gets down and grabs her feet, Close up view on boot. she tells him that her feet are so sweaty after all day. she dangles in front of him her booted feet. she hopes she dont get bad score for her test, because of her smelly feet. He slowly pulling off her right boot, she tries to keep it on. You fight over her boot a bit. she tells him her feet are sweaty and smelly as hell. He pulls off her boot.starts tickling and massaging her feet. she tells him her socks smell so bad after all these days. But he enjoys it rubbing his cock with her sweaty socked feet) she plays with her still booted feet on his legs while he cums on her feet. In the end she gets an A+ on her test and walks happy away

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