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your-unaware-wife-pov-sfx-vore-ending-foottonguemouthvore.mp4 [588.66MB] - (This clip is in German but can be enjoyed by non-German speakers by following the synopsis below.) Your wife comes home from work one day totally oblivious to the fact that you and your friends, who had been playing cards, have been magically afflicted by a shrinking serum that had some how found it's way into your beverages. You see her come through the door and are shocked to feel the ground rumble under you as she comes into the room calling your name. Several times, she comes within inches of where you are standing causing you to fall from the sheer boom of her footsteps. You are terrified and try calling to her but she cannot hear you. Your friends have scattered in different directions and are equally as terrified of your wife. She walks around the room calling your name and has no idea where you have got to as it is unlike you to take off without at least telling her. After some time she gives up trying to find you and decides to take the opportunity to relax and get some things done around the house. This is where the devastation begins..... One by one, you witness your petrified friends being mistaken for bugs and flattened, mistaken for candy and eaten alive, stepped on, sat on, flattened under her handbag or the shoes that fall from her foot, taken from the refridgerator and gobbled up.......you are totally helpless and can't believe what you are seeing. Just moments before you had all been laughing together and having a fun time but now they are either in her belly or flattened against her giant sole and she is totally oblivious. Finally she slumps down on a chair flattening the very last of your friends under her butt and stretches her nylon covered feet out in front of her. You know she is quite ticklish so decide that perhaps you can get her attention by tickling her feet. YOu walk to her as she is stretching and relaxing and try to tickle her feet but your hands are too small and you simply get overwhelmed and tossed around a little. Frustrated, you collapse in the middle of the room and it is then that she somehow spies you out of the corner of her eye......you are so relieved! However, rather than getting the help that you believed she would offer, you get the total opposite. You see, you haven't been a great husband....you are always away and playing cards with your friends and you haven't romanced her in absolutely ages. She doesn't want to help you at all. In fact, she positively humiliates you, laughing at your misfortune gleefully and taunting you. You have never seen her this way. Normally she is quite passive but not anymore. You can't believe she is behaving this way and you are instantly filled with regret at having mistreated her. She is heartless to you. She stomps you and cackles while she is doing so knocking the wind out of you and making you feel utterly pathetic. She has such much pent up anger at you and tells you that she doesn't need you anymore before she stomps you under her nylon foot. But she's not finished with you yet! She decides that the best way to get rid of you once and for all is to EAT you alive and whole and that's exactly what she does.

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