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feminization-with-chastity-cage-task-baal-eldritch.mp4 [704.39MB] - So, you say that you want to become a beautiful little flower, yet you have that gross thing in between your legs... I will help you and train you to become my lovely sissy princess, yet you have to follow my strict rules... I want to remove your penis and testicles in the future, but before that you have to go through on an emotional transformation. For that you have to learn to live without that gross nasty thing. So: i want you to order a high quality chastity cage, and wear it until i remove your nasty things. Yet , maybe you have to wait a little for your cage, and I want you to start your transformation today ! I will give you several little tasks that you have to practice before you lock away your penis . You know i am 100% woman, and i have no cock, so if you want to become a feminine butterfly, you also have to get rid of that disgusting meat-lump. This task is an amazing opportunity to adapt your new lifestyle.

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