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real-estate-agent-is-made-to-strip-sydneysfetishes.mp4 [458.62MB] - Your real estate agent, Sydney Screams, is giving you a tour of a home you're considering renting when the two of you make it into the master bedroom. She's clad in glasses, tan pantyhose, a pencil skirt and a satin button down blouse, and you've been eyeing her the entire home tour. But you've got something up your sleeve and you're ready to have a little fun with this prudish real estate agent. You pull out a remote and point it at her, making her follow your commands! You've taken control of your real estate agent and she can't control her body. You make her start to strip out of her clothes, leaving her embarrassed with each article of clothing that gets removed. No matter how much she begs for you to stop, you continue to make her strip and dance until she's completely naked and trying to cover herself out of embarrassment! You're having too much fun controlling her and finally make her sit down and touch herself until she orgasms. Sydney has lost all of her dignity as you've controlled her!!

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