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first-cuckold-domination-experience-5-cruelqueen.mp4 [1.40GB] - This is an old video of our first ever cuckold experience split up into multiple parts (MV wasn’t allowing me to post the long videos). We messaged and planned an evening at a hotel with a stranger. It was a hot day and i was outside walking dowtown in a blue sundress all day sweating. I ate cauliflower, brussel sprouts and some rich meats. When we met at the hotel I already had to fart and my new boy got down on his knees and buried his nose in my sun dress within the first 5 minutes of meeting and before we starting filming. That was the first time he had ever been farted on and it definitely wasn’t going to be his last. I blindfolded him, taped his mouth closed and tied him down to the bed while my boyfriend set up the camera. We had been waiting a month for this and we were very excited. I had been teasing my boy for a week and the new toy followed suit. I sit on him in my smelly dress and he instantly starts sniffing so hard like a good boy, i could tell this was going to be fun. He eventually gets to smell my sweaty underwear and then my bare asshole against his nose. I let out multiple farts right up his nose some silent and some very loud especially when i take off his tape and make him eat me out. He had been edging for so long but he was so obedient, I ruined him hard the first time. He was so good he asked to be ruined again but i felt he deserved a little pleasure in it, my boyfriend I ignored the whole time, but he ruined himself a couple times in front of me while watching. I was too busy to touch him! When my new slave left i kept farting afterwards while my boy and i walked to the gas station, we did not film but I made him get down in a public street to sniff multiple more farts. I loved this experience so much.

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